Shiny Object Syndrome in Tech

SOS - Shiny Object Syndrome in the tech industry.

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We all know the anxiety we get when a new framework or language is released.


I believe one of the biggest reasons is definitely the thought of being left behind.

While it is true that we need to stay up to date with latest trends, that doesn't mean we have to change our field of expertise every year.

Also, whenever there's a new technology we know there aren't many "experts" in that field so maybe there's also some greed.

Being first in something which is probably going to be an influential technology might mean a lot of money. However, we should remember that sticking to one area of expertise like frontend or backend isn't the worst thing to do, especially in long term.

At the end of the day I think it's just important to remember that if you're good at your job and give yourself time to settle in, you'll get paid regardless of whether you're working on web3 app or php project.


We all like to think that we're smart enough to not chase the "NEXT BIG THING" but regardless we end up getting pulled in.

It all starts and ends with social media hype. Recently, it was web3 and before that it was Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and evergreen JavaScript (JS). While all of these are amazing technologies and I recommend having at least basic understanding of them, I don't think you should abandon whatever you're doing and start pursuing a career in them.

Of course, there are exceptions to what I just said and some people may not like the area they're working in and in such cases if you find your interest in ML, AI, Web3 or anything else that's awesome.

Social media is great for learning about latest trends. However, it may not be the best tool for making career choices.

I think at the end of the day it's just about knowing basics of computer science, everything else will keep evolving and changing.

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