Leetcode daily challenges - My Experience and Opinions.

I've been solving leetcode daily challenges for a few weeks now. Here are some observations I made along the way and why I think you should start LeetCode daily challenges.

I can clearly see that it asks the specific type of problems continuously and then changes its type.

It starts the month easily and then ramps up the difficulty, especially at the month's end. (Kudos to anyone who solves all problems)

I enjoy solving daily challenges because they aren't overwhelming and they are relatively small, which in turn makes them more achievable.

However, when done consistently over time, the questions add up, and before you know you've solved more questions than you imagined.

Even if we solve just one question per day, over a year it becomes 365 questions.

Some of them will be easy, most will be medium, and some will be hard, but trust me when I say you'll learn a lot.

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